About Us

Bed bugs are not like other pests. That's why we specialize in them.

Our team is trained solely in bed bug treatments, causes and prevention... because we are actually full time bed bug exterminators. (This is our side job)

Bed bugs can't be treated like other everyday pests, like ants and roaches.

It takes more than a simple spraying: bed bugs are amazingly adaptable, and have grown resistant to most pesticide formulas. They are also particularly difficult to reach, as they tend to hide in small cracks and crevices throughout a room.

“Bed bug control can only be maintained through a comprehensive treatment strategy that incorporates a variety of techniques and vigilant monitoring," notes a statement by the EPA. “Proper use of pesticides may be one component of the strategy, but will not eliminate bed bugs alone.”

We've helped thousands of people get rid of bed bugs, and we can help you do the same.

Bed Bug Warehouse was founded with the mission of helping people successfully win their battle against bed bugs. By continually improving the resources to train our staff, we can provide customers with cutting edge information and solutions that are proven to work.

As the exclusive bed bug treatment products supplier for many top rated international hotel chains, Bed Bug Warehouse is quickly becoming one of the largest bed bug supply stores in the country.

Our simple core of beliefs rule what we do.


You're Truly Important to Us
We feel your pain and want to help end it. Bed bug infestations are very traumatic experiences, and we want to help you get over them efficiently and rapidly.


Same Day Shipping
We ship orders same-day, Monday through Friday, if ordered by 4 pm, with a 97% percent delivered-on-time track record. We are always looking for better ways to speed this process even further for our much needed supplies.


Manufacturer Trained Staff
We pride ourselves in that every one of our sales staff is an expert in bed bug extermination. To achieve this, we don't hire outside of our extermination company.



99.9% Issue-Free Orders
We work very hard to constantly improve our operations. As we continue to expand, so do the efforts to minimize errors. And our track record speaks for itself.


Only The Best Product Offerings
We offer the best scientifically proven products to work in eliminating bed bugs. We also offer exclusive best-in-class product lines not available anywhere else such as CimeX86 and Bed Bug Eviction.